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 Il Segreto del Sahara - Mini Series (1988)

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Il Segreto del Sahara - Mini Series (1988) Empty
PostSubject: Il Segreto del Sahara - Mini Series (1988)   Il Segreto del Sahara - Mini Series (1988) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2008 6:46 pm

Desmond Jordan is a archaeologist what found a old parchment, in where is mentioned the history of a 'loudspeaker mountain', guardian of a ancient and wished treasure. After of save to Anthea, the Khalif's wife, both run of evil Lieutenant Ryker and his legionaries and too of the El Hallem, a dangerous desert bandit, and while the Khalif watch to his wife, the Jordan's son, Philip, travel from London to Egypt for to find to his father, the 'loudspeaker mountain' and to reveal the mystery hidden behind It. (from IMDB).

Kingsley played: Sholomon

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Il Segreto del Sahara - Mini Series (1988)
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